Hoppy: The “Feral” Foster – The Limp

This blog was posted before our name change to For All Animals.

It was Saturday morning, just two days after we took Hoppy to the internist. We went in to feed him and noticed he wasn’t putting weight on his front left foot. The night before he had partaken in some acrobatics involving our six foot tall storage shelves—landing himself on the very top shelf—with no obvious route down. We did rig up some wood boards so that he could make an easy escape, but we weren’t able to coax him down before we went to bed. I feared he had broken his leg in the middle of the night trying to get down—so we headed back to the Pet ER.

Per usual, Hops wasn’t the most cooperative patient. We got him out of his carrier/den and he slinked into the corner. He was not interested in demonstrating his limp in an unfamiliar place.

We got him back in his den and they took him in the back for X-rays.

Zip, zilch, nada. There was nothing wrong with his leg. We got him back in the exam room and by then he was putting a little weight on his foot. They gave us some pain medicine and an anti-inflammatory and sent us on our way.

Lucky for us, the receptionist recognized us from the internist appointment just a couple days before and waved our exam fee—savings of $100.

Exam fee – $0, Robenacoxib – $33, Tramadol – $32, and Radiographs – $227. Total visit = $292.
Total vet bills to date = $1962.15


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