Picture Me @ Home

Our country’s animal shelters are changing (for the better!), but the public perception of shelters is a little slow to catch up. Shelter staff spend most of their time caring for animals—leaving little time for marketing and public relations. That’s a problem. Luckily, it’s a problem For All Animals can solve!

The Picture Me @ Home program offers turn-key marketing campaigns to help promote adoptable animals and the fabulous work animal shelters and rescue groups are doing. For All Animals partnered with the pet marketing pros at Paws PR, a New York City based communications and strategy firm, to create campaigns that raise awareness for adoptable animals and raise the profile of shelters and animal rescue groups.

The website is user friendly, and speaks directly to shelter employees—providing them with campaigns that can be carried out throughout the year. Campaigns are organized by month, season, and year-round so there is always an angle to promote!