Community CatCommunity Cats – Documentary

Controversy surrounds them, headlines vilify them, and scientists scrutinize them, yet millions of people feed, care, and advocate for them. Because they aren’t adoptable they have the highest kill rates in animal shelters.

This film documents the mysterious lives of a regularly misunderstood animal—the feral cat. Also referred to as community cats, alley cats, street cats, stray cats—this film profiles Baltimore, Maryland’s Trap-Neuter-Return program that is helping community cats, and individuals who are dedicated to these cats and are making positive change in their communities on the cats’ behalf. Learn More > >





Main Raccoon photoThe Raccoons of Freeport – Documentary

A gaze of raccoons make their home among the mangroves in Freeport, Bahamas. Labeled as an “invasive species”—the raccoons have found some unlikely friends in the guides of a local island nature tour company. The guides humanely trap the raccoons to be neutered and returned to the beach to be with their families.

This unusual approach to raccoons gives hope to wildlife lovers everywhere—and proves that humane approaches work and we can peacefully co-exist with all animals. Learn More > >