Photographers for Animals

kitten-cameraRecognizing the impact and influence imagery can have on an audience to take action, the Photographers for Animals program helps animal protection groups—of all types, across the country—find volunteer photographers and videographers. With active recruitment, our list is always growing. We communicate with our photographers regularly, to ensure they will be responsive and helpful. If you attempt to contact someone on our list and don’t receive a prompt response, please let us know so we can remove them.

The main initiative of the Photographers for Animals program is to actively recruit and match photographers with animal shelters and rescue groups who need assistance with adoption photography. We are working with other national groups to identify shelter partners who are instituting policy changes and implementing new programs that save lives. Captivating adoption photos increase adoptions and decrease the amount of time animals stay at the shelter or in foster care—allowing groups to take in new animals who need help.

If you are an animal protection nonprofit and are unable to locate a volunteer photographer in your area, contact us—and we’ll be happy to help recruit!