Kittens & Cats for Adoption

All of our adoptable cats and kittens are currently in Potomac, Maryland. We can arrange transport to the Baltimore area and to Northern Virginia. You can download our adoption application, fill it out and submit it to


The KITTENS are here!

The North Carolina kittens arrived at For All Animals yesterday. NINE! One tabby girl, 3 black kittens (2 boys and a girl) – and 3 tuxedos. In addition, to save them we also took the momma’s of these fine little kittens. One long haired tabby (who they called a Maine Coon – but she is pretty little) and a BW cow cat. As soon as we picked them up, we realized we hadn’t been given all the information. Two of the kittens are very sick and went to the ER last night. URIs are blocking their airways. All three of the black kittens are super underweight for their age (we were told the Maine Coon was their momma—but we aren’t buying it. Only the tabby kitten nurses and hangs out with mom.) But since they were all together—they all had fleas and ear mites. Ugh. Due to their age, that means kitten baths and back to the vet tomorrow.

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