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A sunny sky and a roster full of foster dogs and cats pulled me out of bed earlier than usual on a recent Sunday morning. I was heading to New Britain, PA, to introduce two of my close friends, Glenn and Colleen of Do Good Photos, to one of my favorite animal welfare organizations in the Philadelphia area, City of Elderly Love. Glenn and Colleen were bursting with excitement all week as they prepared for

The removal of tens of thousands of reports and documents from the USDA website about animals in zoos, puppy mills, lab testing facilities, and more was a huge blow for advocates and the animals themselves.

If your senator has not signed the letter asking the USDA to restore the animal welfare reports that were abruptly taken off the website last week or otherwise spoken out against it, they need to hear from you. Animals have no

Allow First Responders to Provide First Aid to Animals in Emergencies
Did you know that in Maryland it’s a misdemeanor for first responders (like EMTs and firefighters) to provide medical care to a dog or cat in an emergency? This is because it’s a crime to treat animals without a veterinary license.

At first glance, this law makes sense but there needs to be exceptions for first responders providing basic aid like oxygen to a cat rescued

The unexpected and sudden deletion of tens of thousands of reports from the USDA website last week horrified and frightened animal advocates across the country, including me. I was so surprised and dumbfounded and angry that I started crying. Tears are a rare occurrence on my part and usually reserved for deaths and TV shows where the romantic leads don’t end up together. But I was that upset, more upset than when Dawson and Joey

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