ATTENTION MARYLAND: Protect Cownose Rays

Call your Maryland Legislator Today to End Cruel Killing Contests! 

A new bill in the Maryland legislature protecting cownose rays needs your support. The bill outlaws the brutal practice of “killing contests” where cownose rays are slaughtered for people’s entertainment. In these contests, cownose rays are shot with arrows, bludgeoned with a bat, and then stuffed into containers where they suffocate to death.

Not only are these contests incredibly cruel, cownose rays play a unique role in the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem. Maryland residents should be protecting these animals, not killing them. This important bill would put an end to this brutal practice.


Maryland residents, you can protect these sea animals with one phone call or email. We know that it’s easier to email but phone calls really make a big difference. Take two minutes out of your day and protect the cownose ray.

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