Photographer Spotlight: Luis Noriega, Part II

Last week we introduced you to  Luis Noriega, a professional photographer based in Antigua, Guatemala, who volunteers his time and talent at Animal AWARE, an animal welfare organization located near Sumpango, Guatemala. A member of the PFA photographer registry, Luis shares his passion, and the power of images, in the service of animals in need.

Luis told us that the animals at the shelter “have a lower chance of being adopted in Guatemala because they aren’t of a specific breed, and international adoptions are also low because people don’t know about how many wonderful individuals there are at the shelter.” Today we’re showing you a few more of Luis’ favorite Animal AWARE animals, all of whom are available for adoption.

“A volunteer found Evie on the road to the shelter. She had rickets and mange. She is completely recovered and waiting to be adopted.”


“Patas Blancas arrived in October, 2010, and came with 2 sisters from El Tejar, very near from the shelter. They still are all up for adoption.”

Patas Blancas

“Jessie was found tied to the front gate. She has a beautiful pale chocolate brown coat and light eyes that will melt your heart. She has a really good disposition and is always looking for affection.”


“Rosita arrived in 2012 from San Lucas. She was hit by a car and was cringing in front of a house while people tried to kick her. She never completely healed from her injuries and has a bent leg, although that never deters her from greeting you with lots of wags and kisses.”


“Mumness arrived with two kittens, Alpi and Nueces, from Guatemala City in July, 2015. Their caregiver had gotten sick and couldn’t keep them.”


“Raggie, was rescued in Xenacoj, a town very close to the shelter. He arrived at the shelter with his brother Muffin. They both live at the shelter together in the same enclosure and are inseparable. The pair always come to the office to say hi every time they go on their walks.”


Our thanks to Luis Noriega for sharing his photos and experiences with us. We’ll be spotlighting another PFA photographer’s work soon, so be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest For All Animals and Photographers for Animals program news. And if you’re a photographer or shelter/rescue organization who would like to be part of the Photographers for Animals program, please visit our webpage to learn more!