Photographer Spotlight: Casey Christopher, Part II

On Thursday we introduced you to Casey Christopher, a Los Angeles-based professional photographer, and we shared some of her stories and photos from her work with shelters and rescues in the L.A. area. Casey is a member of For All Animals’ Photographers for Animals registry of professional and aspiring photographers. Casey shares her passion, and the power of images, in the service of animals in need, and she is proud to work with organizations such as Los Angeles Animal Services’ West L.A. Shelter to help cats to get adopted.

Today, we’re sharing a few more of Casey’s favorite photos and rescue stories.

Stray Cat Alliance

“I started volunteering for Stray Cat Alliance (SCA) a year ago when I was working on a photo series about community cats.  They TNR {Trap-Neuter-Return} cats in South L.A. and recently opened an office to care for kittens and cats as well.


They also started a program for the South L.A. shelter called “Safe At Home.” When people bring underage kittens into South L.A. shelter, {Safe at Home helps them to} foster the kittens until they are ready for adoption. Stray Cat Alliance has saved 378 kittens with this program since it started in April of this year.  Around 75 of the people who brought kittens to the shelter ended up fostering the kittens and then adopting them…”



SCA was called by a caring South L.A. shelter staff member looking for help for Paloma. She had been in a cage for a few days and was sick, sad and depressed.  Neither of her eyes was in good shape, but her infected right was particularly bad. SCA immediately picked her up, and one of their staff members took her into foster care. Unfortunately her right eye soon ruptured from infection and she needed emergency surgery to remove it and save her life.

“When I saw Paloma on SCA’s Facebook page, I knew I had to meet her.  It was right after I did my ‘Beauty of Blind Cats’ series, and she had bad eyes and was just so tiny and adorable, my heart melted.  When I finally met her a few weeks later, she was being carried around in one of the SCA staff member’s jackets like a little baby.  She was so small and such a cuddle bug.  All the other kittens were playing on the floor, and she was overseeing them on her chair.”

Editor’s note: Paloma was just adopted!

Kitten Rescue

“I started photographing for Kitten Rescue in April and every time I visit, I am just in awe of the amazing work they do.”


“Kitten Rescue not only has a sanctuary that houses over 100 cats — some highly adoptable, some feral, and some FIV positive — but, this past spring, they opened a kitten nursery that provides 24 hour care for neonatal babies who would otherwise be euthanized in L.A. city shelters.”



“In 2015, 800 cats were rescued. In 2016, Kitten Rescue saved 1000 cats, 300 of which were in the nursery.  Since Kitten Rescue launched in 1997, 16,000 cats and kittens have been adopted.”


“The sanctuary is great because the cats all live together, out of cages, with plenty of room if and until they get adopted.  If they never get adopted, they are welcome to stay at Kitten Rescue forever.  If a cat gets adopted from Kitten Rescue and eventually ends up lost, returned, or abandoned, Kitten Rescue will always take the cat back so it doesn’t end up in a shelter.”



“Once a cat or kitten arrives at Kitten Rescue, they have a safe home for life. At Kitten Rescue these lucky babies are given a chance at life.”

Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue
Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue specializes in blind, senior, and other special needs cats.  I love that they save the adult cats who need help the most and would typically be euthanized in shelters.



“I had been following Milo’s Sanctuary on social media for a while because they rescued a blind cat named Regis that I had met at West L.A. shelter last April.”



“I had always planned on contacting Milo’s and working with them on a photo series about blind cats, but when I saw a post about Thomas on Facebook in September I knew I had to meet him.  Thomas was saved by Milo’s this summer after he was attacked with acid.  He lost an eye and had to have a skin graft on his head as a result.”



“I’ve seen very graphic pictures of this poor baby and all he endured and it’s amazing to see him now. He’s a happy, friendly cat who isn’t afraid of people at all. His story is so inspiring and shows the power of animals and how loving and amazing they are. He was definitely the star of my photo series, The Beauty of Blind Cats, which garnered Milo’s Sanctuary worldwide attention.”

Thomas and Regis are in Milo’s “Lifetime Care Program” and will live there forever. You can sponsor their care with a monthly donation.

The Cat’s Meow Animal Rescue

“I started photographing for The Cat’s Meow Animal Rescue this spring. They have 100+ volunteers, approximately 70 of whom serve as foster families and the other 30 caring for cats living at a Petco adoption center, doing photography, transporting cats, etc.”


Bette Davis

“The Cat’s Meow is an NKLA Coalition Partner as well as a Petco Adoption Partner.”



“About two months ago, they rescued nearly 100 cats and kittens from a hoarder. Since then over 30 have been adopted.  Leon is one of the cats they saved and he is so awesome.  He is handsome and friendly and the best model.”



Leon is about 8 months old and currently available for adoption. He is already neutered, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and good with cats. He is an outgoing guy who is very curious, and very photogenic. He is interested in everything you are doing at all times. He’s a petite guy who is absolutely adorable! You can e-mail for more information on Leon and all of their other adoptable cats.

In 2015, The Cat’s Meow rescued and rehomed over 300 cats. In addition they were able to provide spay/neuter services to hundreds more animals.



Our thanks to Casey Christopher for sharing her beautiful photos and stories with us. We’ll be spotlighting another PFA photographer’s work soon, so be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest For All Animals and Photographers for Animals program news. And if you’re a photographer or shelter/rescue organization who would like to be part of the Photographers for Animals program, please visit our webpage to learn more!