Photographer Spotlight: Jenn Wilson, Part I

Welcome to the first in a series of For All Animals’ Photographers for Animals (PFA) program photographer spotlights! We’re going to introduce you to photographers who are putting their lenses to amazing use for the benefit of animal shelters, rescue groups, and animal protection nonprofits. These photographers are members of the PFA photographer registry and they share their passion, and the power of images, in the service of animals in need.

PFA spotlight on photographer Jenn Wilson of Jenn Wilson Pet Portraiture in Ontario, Canada!

Jenn started volunteering for Toronto Cat Rescue (TCR) over a decade ago. She and her husband have always had cats and dogs and rats, and when they bought their house it turned out that one of her new neighbors was on the executive committee of TCR. After finding out how much Jenn and her husband love animals, she suggested volunteering for TCR as a foster parent.

Jenn was already a photographer at this point, mostly doing real estate and people, and just starting to photograph pets.

When Jenn’s dog passed away, a friend suggested a local dog rescue to see if she and her husband might find a new dog that way. During their search for a new adoptable dog, Jenn noticed that “SO many dogs had horrible photos. Blurry shots of the backs of their heads, or dark shots of dogs with glowy eyes.” Next thing she knew, she was volunteering to photograph dogs for the rescue where they adopted their new dog, and then she started photographing her foster cats.

Within a very short time, Jenn realized that, “THIS was what I was meant to be doing.” Over the past ten years what started off as just a volunteer venture has grown into her pet photography business, and she still volunteers as much time as she can to photograph local foster cats (her own and others). She has photographed over 300 dogs for Pound Dog Rescue as well as a few dogs here and there for other local dog rescues.

In addition to photographing foster cats for TCR, Jenn covers some of their events, and TCR uses her photos in their reports, brochures and other marketing material. Jenn is also working with community cat/Trap-Neuter-Return groups and colony caretakers who she has met through TCR to photograph the “wildly misunderstood” feral cats in her community. Jenn says, “TCR is a fantastic rescue organization and I’ve been so proud to be a part of their team for so long.”

Today and tomorrow we’ll be sharing some of Jenn’s favorite photos, “…a few of the rescues I’ve photographed in the past short while that kind of ‘stayed with me’. They may not be the best of the photos I’ve ever taken but they embody qualities in animals that always amaze me so much. They are why I continue to fight for animals and lend my time to rescues to photograph them. <3 “.

First up: Willard!


“Willard is 9 year old male pug, surrendered from a puppy mill when he was no longer ‘studly’ enough. Willard is a sweet, snuggly boy who was adopted into a family looking for an older, lower-energy dog.”

Next up is Lola!


“Lola is a 2 year old American Bulldog, found as an unclaimed stray at the pound. She has a neurological condition causing some slight mobility issues and a swaying gait, but hasn’t let it affect her at all. She has an infectious personality and is joyful and playful. She loves everyone and everything and has been adopted by a wonderful woman and her daughter.”

Check back tomorrow for more of Jenn’s favorite photos. And if you’re a photographer or shelter/rescue organization who would like to be part of the Photographers for Animals program, please visit our webpage to learn more!