Comm Cat Doc: Welcome to New Jersey

This blog was posted before our name change to For All Animals.

We’ve been busy scheduling and conducting interviews for Photographers for Animals’ documentary focused on community cats (title pending).

This week we were up in Voorhees, New Jersey talking with Maya Richmond, the Executive Director of the Animal Welfare Association (AWA). Before joining AWA, Maya was the Director of Operations for the Maryland SPCA in Baltimore. She was instrumental in helping MDSPCA start their high-volume spay/neuter clinic – which now serves community cats on a daily basis by appointment.

AWA also has a brand new high-volume clinic on site, thanks to Maya. While we were touring the clinic we met this handsome gentleman. He’s an extremely large Maine Coon who was trapped during Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) – but lucky for him he has a microchip – so he will be heading home soon. Quite a happy ending – and a reminder why it’s so important to scan community cats for microchips when they go through a clinic!

We’ll keep you posted as production continues — and as always, we appreciate your support for this project!


Ella Putsché is the executive director of Photographers for Animals.
Recognizing the impact and influence imagery can have on an audience to
take action, she founded Photographers for Animals to promote animal
issues and to help organizations utilize opportunities for photography and film.