Hoppy: The “Feral” Foster – Toothless

This blog was posted before our name change to For All Animals.

We picked Hoppy up from the dentist and the dental assistant went over his x-rays with us while they got him ready. In true Hoppy form, this was the worst case they’d ever seen. Needless to say he reached the cap of the dental estimate and beyond. A number of the teeth they thought were missing were in fact broken off at the gum line. The roots were still intact, rotting away. The teeth he did have were in bad shape too—and he had a pretty serious gum infection.

They suggested Hoppy wear an e-collar for 2 weeks. I flashed Jason a knowing glance. I knew there was no way in hell that was going to happen—though it was a nice thought. Hoppy likes to slink into small spaces—no room for cones of shame. I couldn’t even imagine him getting into a litter box with that thing on his head.

When we got home the e-collar lasted about the duration of this photograph. But once the collar was off the most miraculous thing happened… Hoppy became a lap cat overnight.

He was clearly in pain and distress—even with the numerous drugs. He singled me out for comfort and support. Over the next few days I spent many hours sitting on the floor (many times in my PJs 🙂 ) comforting and petting Hoppy. He went from a cat who would basically let you pet him as he walked by to a full out, throwing himself in my lap – stomach up, desperate for affection kitty. I had always known we were doing everything we could for the little guy. I think it was at this point he started realizing it too.

We took it easy for a couple weeks just waiting for him to heal up – crossing our fingers this was the chin cure.

Dental balance due = $1,044.00 – (which includes a $450 rescue group discount.)
Total vet bills to date: $4,521.09

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