Photographers for Animals Program – Registry Updates


Thank you very much for taking the time to sign the For All Animals Volunteer Agreement – and Ownership & Licensing Agreement. We want to make sure that your rights are protected, and make it clear that you maintain ownership of all your photos, and that you are simply granting the animal nonprofits and For All Animals a license to use them.

For All Animals’ Photographer Volunteer Agreement & Ownership and Licensing Agreement

If you have a Twitter handle or Instagram account, please provide us with your usernames so that we can follow you on social media.

Also, please take this time to provide any additional or updated contact information – so that we have the best information to be able to reach you should additional opportunities in your area arise. If nothing has changed, you can simply skip to the bottom and hit “submit.”

    The gist: You recognize you are a volunteer - not an employee, that you will hold For All Animals harmless, and that you won't say anything damaging about us. Full agreement text available above.
    The gist: as the photographer, you own the images and the copyright - but you grant For All Animals and the nonprofit group - for which you took the photos - an unlimited license. Full Ownership and Licensing Agreement available above.
  • We'd like to follow you to share some of the work you're doing for animals! For All Animals has a twitter account exclusively for our photographer registry participants. It's @photoforanimals - follow us for updates.
  • You can find us on Instagram, too: @for_all_animals
  • ***If your contact information has not changed, you can proceed to the bottom of the form and submit.***

  • Your street address and telephone number will not be posted on the website.
  • If your address does not fit in the above fields, please write it here:
  • You must offer at least one of the services below to be included on the registry.
  • If you do not offer pro bono services, you will not be listed on the directory.