Protect Puppies: Call the USDA about the Removal of Animal Welfare Records from their Website

The USDA’s abrupt removal of tens of thousands of animal welfare reports from its website greatly hurts our efforts to protect dogs in puppy mills and thousands of other animals kept in zoos and labs.

Urgent Action Step

Please call 844-820-2234 and tell the USDA that you want these records and all future reports back online.

Remember that the person you are speaking with on the phone did not make this decision. Be friendly but firm!


Hi, I’m calling to say that I’m unhappy that the USDA removed all the animal welfare reports from its website. Removing the reports will protect puppy mill operators and makes it harder for the current laws and regulations about puppy mills to be enforced.

They will then ask for your name and zip code.

Thank you for standing up for the voiceless!